About School

About Parvarish Special School

Dr. Amarjeet kaur a retd. Doctor from KGMC, had founded PARVARISH SCHOOL in 2010. The school aims at imparting, training and education to children with special needs. The idea behind starting the school is that education should be considered as a basic need of all children, especially those diagnosed with special needs. The organization is registered under society registration act 211860 and person with disability act 52 of 1995.

We take responsibility for nurturing and developing the personal qualities of every child and will emphasise the importance of exemplary behaviour and help children learn how to show it. We provide our staff with the tools and support to instil a strong learning culture in their classrooms. Teaching at PARVARISH is excellent. Our team of dedicated staff is committed to all our children’s success.

We believe that children whose parents are involved in their learning do better than if they are not. We involve parents in their children’s learning and encourage them to be active members of the school community. Parent communication is organised to encourage wide participation and honest conversation.

We aim to work closely with families, you are welcome to come in to school at any time to discuss any issues. You know your child is best and we believe that working together is the best way .Home school diaries, home visit and social events are all part of this partnership.


  • To facilitate a barrier free environment
  • To enable the empowerment of persons with intellectual disability and their families
  • To act as a catalyst for change that will enable persons with intellectual disability to live as fully participating members of the community.


A society that views the interdependence of people of every ability as valuable and enriching and seeks to provide equal opportunities for all.


To address to the daily needs of person with intellectual disability and to Work for their Life Enrichment, Protection and development.